1975 - 1976

For material on "Vox Sound Limited", which superceded "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" in mid 1970, see this page, with further links there.

To all intents and purposes, however, production of the AC50 ceased in the early 1970s, or at least drifted into complete insignificance, and did not resume until after Dallas Arbiter acquired the company c. 1973.

Above, the well-known advert issued by Dallas Arbiter for the AC50 in its two forms: for bass and guitar. Production took place at the Shoeburyness factory.

These amps have four ECC83s in the preamp instead of three + one ECC82, boosting the overall gain of the amp considerably.

Build quality is excellent. One way to tell an early Arbiter AC50 from a later one is by the presence or not of a voltage selector. Later amps did away with them.

A register of amps

Date of manufacture indicated by the first two digits on the serial number plate

Serial number 75075176

Produced in 1975. Thanks to Herbert for the pictures

1975 -

Date indicated by the first digit on the serial number plate: "5" = 1975, "6" = 1976

Schematic drawn up in 1976, presumably close to the end of the production run.

Serial number 5617

Serial number 5639

Serial number 5794

Serial number 6114

Produced in 1976.

Serial number 6127

Serial number 6148