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22nd April (2)

Pics of serial no. 2031, late 1964, twin channel, valve rectified, now registered on this page. Further pics here.

22nd April

Been a little while since the last series of updates - a good amount of new material to be added now over the coming days.

19th February

Serial number 118x - small thick edged box, diamond input - on sale here.

The band "Daybreak" with a small box Foundation bass set and a large box AC50 amp.

30th January

"The Citations", an all AC50 band.

29th January

Click for a larger image. The Vox Solid State catalogue from mid 1967 - still the AC30 and AC50. The AC100 is not depicted, though it does appear in the contemporary pricelist.

28th January (2)

An early Thomas Organ flyer for its new solid state range, the "Berkeley" clearly styled after the large box AC50. The format was later changed. The blurb reads:

"High quality amplifier incorporating variable length reverberation and multi-speed variable depth vibrato. Two inputs, separate tone and volume controls. Amplifier and loudspeaker units are in separate cabinets to give greater power with feed back."

28th January (1)

"The Others and Me" with their large-box AC50 guitar amp, and thin-edged Mk1 Foundation Bass. The Mk1 amp is visible behind the bassist, Gary Thain, in the pic. below.

"Country Pie" in the early seventies with a thick-edged small-box Foundation rig, a large box AC50 and Vox Conqueror.

21st January (2)

A late Vox Sound Ltd advert for the AC50, still the Foundation Bass, the guitar version with a new cab (closed back and deeper than normal) and trolley, which might have benefitted from better styling.

21st January (1)

Above, "The Rapiers", from East Anglia, on stage with a small box AC50 and T60 cab. Picture originally posted here. Note the position of the logo on the amp - middle left, rather than top left, as in the amp below.

The amp from this set is now in Brighton, the cab in London.

Older blog / update entries are now here.