An early Vox AC50 mark 2

Valve rectified, grey panel, twin channel, link voltage selector

Serial number probably originally in the 1500s-1600s.

Thanks to Alan, pictures of an early large box AC50 mark 2 with link voltage selector - the serial number probably in the 1500s or 1600s (the plate is missing). Output transformer replaced in the mid 1970s along with a handful of capacitors. At some point the original back panel had to be replaced too.

DATE CODES (of original components): - the mustard capacitors in the preamp have various codes - "A4N", "B4N" and "C4N", which mean first, second and third quarters of 1964 respectively.

The long blue Hunts capacitor in the third picture below has a code just peeping out - "HNT", which is 27th week of 1964 (last week of June). At least four of the potentiometers have the date "GL" = July 1964; and one has "HL" = August 1964.

ASSEMBLY: - by Triumph Electronics early in the last third of 1964.