Note that for the most part, the amps and cabs below will have had brown grille cloth, as in the pic above - AC50 serial no. 1034 with its cab, and AC80/100 serial no. 178 with a cab belonging to another amp.


The Stones

Back view of the stage at the Ready, Steady, Go! Mod Ball, 8th April 1964, Empire Pool, Wembley. Note the AC50 behind the Foundation Bass cab and AC80/100 Bill is using. The back panel shows the amp is an early thin-edged AC50 - grille at bottom, connectors at top.

The general rule was that Bill used the AC50 at smaller gigs or where space on stage was limited. Otherwise, he used a Vox AC100 (in 1964 actually AC80/100) and two Foundation Bass cabs. For pictures of Bill Wyman with a series of Vox AC100 amplifiers and Foundation Bass speaker cabinets, on the Vox AC100 website.

Brian Jones with Vox amplifiers, 1964

Brian Jones on stage 1964. The amp he is adjusting is a Vox AC80/100. At least one of the others is an early AC50.

For pictures of the Stones with later small-box AC50s see below.

The Dave Clark Five

The Dave Clark Five playing the Tottenham Royal in early February 1964. The band had four early AC50s. The one in view is driving two speaker cabinets.

A wide shot of the band at The Royal. For the Vox advert connected with the DC5's residency, which ran from 17th January to 23rd February 1964. The early advert, , actually shows a T60 amplifier, rather than an AC50.

Gerry and the Pacemakers

On stage at the Albert Hall in April/May 1964 - an AC50 and T60 cab behind him, along with another couple of cabs.


Performing "Good Golly Miss Molly in 1964 - filmed for broadcast. On stage, among other things, an AC80/100 and Foundation Bass cab, and a small box AC50 with Foundation Bass cab.

The Others

Gary Thain of "The Others" with a thin-edged AC50 Foundation Bass set.

The Confederates

"The Confederates", a Brighton band, later reconstituted as "Jinx", with a thin-edged amp. The amp originally came with a Foundation Bass cab, and may be serial no. 1034B, .

Sounds Incorporated

Sounds Incorporated with Mary Wells, the amp and Foundation Bass cab just visible far right - certainly thin-edged, but just possibly an AC80/100 - Sounds Incorporated certainly had one later on.

Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages

In late 1964, The Savages had an AC80/100 and bass cab with perspex logo. The first image is a screen-grab from a film of a performance at the Lotus Ballroom, Forest Gate, available on YouTube - . Later, the band seem to have gone over to a thin-edged small box AC50 Foundation Bass set up. The last picture is from June 1965. During the course of 1965, however, the band were photographed endorsing Marshall equipment. Pictures 2-4 from this .

Lonnie Donegan / Joe Brown and the Bruvvers (?)

Left, Lonnie Donegan on stage in 1964 with someone's thin-edged AC50 Foundation Bass set behind the bassist. Could it have belonged to Joe Brown's band? Right, Donegan at the Vox Factory in late June 1964 - possibly a small-box AC50 behind him, but it could be an AC80/100.

The Roulettes - June 1964

The Roulettes, June 1964, a TV appearance. It is not possible to tell for certain at present whether the small box AC50 at left is thin or thick edged. Picture from Alamy.

The Rocking Chairs

A detail from a picture of Cliff Cooper (founder of Orange Amplification) with his band, "The Rocking Chairs", in 1964 - from .

The AC50 amplifier section (not a T60 as Cooper remembers) is in a thin-edged box and has a BASS flag. No surviving amp in a thin-edged box has come to light so far with such a flag, or the remains of glue on its grille to indicate that one once existed.

The tiny sliver of diamond diagonal top right on the grille cloth is distinctive, and again, does not figure on any surviving amp currently known.


The Stones - again

Picture from Getty Images. Bill Wyman in late 1964 with a small box AC50 (note its thick edge) and Foundation Bass speaker cab.

First two images: 8th August 1964, Kurhaus, Scheveningen. In the second pic, one can see the back panel has the connectors at bottom, grille at top = four input, thick boxed AC50. Third picture: The Stones on stage, Newcastle, 4th May 1964 - difficult to tell, but perhaps the AC50 in preference to the AC80/100.

The Hollies

Tony Hicks at EMI with a thick-edged small box AC50 behind him. The last picture is from a performance - Saturday Night at the Palladium - in early 1965.

The Rocking Berries

Chuck Botfield of the Rocking Berries, pictured in "Beat Instrumental" magazine, no. 28, August 1965. The amp: a small box thick-edged AC50 atop an AC30 cab (?) and trolley.

Davie Jones

Davie Jones (later to become David Bowie) and his band, The King Bees, with a thick-edged AC50.


Shelley, on BBC's "Beat Room" - note the set is the same as the one below - in December 1964. Small-box AC50 on the drum riser, two T60 cabs far left.

The Beat Merchants

The Beat Merchants on the BBC's "Beat Room", 1964 / 1965, certainly with three small-box AC50s and four T60 cabs.

The Kinks - 1964 / 1965

The Kinks at the Olympia Theatre, Paris, August 1964. Picture from Alamy.

Immediately above, Pete Quaife of the Kinks with a thick-edged small box AC50 on stage, Paris, Theatre de la Mutualite, July 1965. Picture from Getty Images. Later in 1965, Quaife used a large box AC50.

Manfred Mann

Left, Manfred on "Top of the Pops", his AC50 and Foundation Bass cab just visible at right. Right, a still from the promotional film of "Do Wah Diddy Do".

The Zombies

On the set of "Ready, Steady, Go", 1964

The Rapiers

Above, "The Rapiers", from East Anglia, on stage with a small box AC50 and T60 cab. Picture . Note the position of the logo on the amp - middle left, rather than top left, as in the amp below.

The amp from this set is now in Brighton, the cab in London.

The Barron Knights

Late 1964

The Animals (1964)

The Animals in 1964.

The Searchers

Left to right: The Searchers in 1964 with a small box and large box amp - one can just make out the "BASS" legend in the first picture.

The Bandits

"The Bandits", a Rhodesian band - the AC50 Foundation Bass just visible behind the bassist.

The Amen 1970 / 1971

Pictures from 1970 and 1971 - from .

The Poets

"The Poets", a Glasgow band, pictured in 1965.

The Merry Macs

The Merry Macs, a Scottish showband, with an AC50 Foundation Bass set up. One can just make out the "BASS" logo on both amp and cab.

Country Pie

"Country Pie" in the early seventies with a thick-edged small-box Foundation rig, a large box AC50 and Vox Conqueror.

The Meddy Evils

Playing the Sinah Warren club, 1967.