Notes on how to date AC50s

SMALL BOX AC50s - AC50 mark 1 (copper panel)

AC50 mark 1: thin box

AC50 mark 1: serial number 1034 and cab

AC50 mark 1: thick edged box, diamond input

The Beatles' early AC50s

Other bands with thin-edged AC50s

Bands with thick-edged AC50s

Bands with later AC50s

SMALL BOX AC50s - AC50 mark 2 (grey panel, two channel)

AC50 mark 2 - twin channel

LARGE BOX AC50s - AC50 mark 2 - still valve rectified

1. Serial numbers c. 1400-1600

2. Serial numbers c. 1600-2100

3. Serial numbers c. 2100-2700

LARGE BOX AC50s - AC50 mark 3 - solid state rectified

4. Serial numbers in the 2000s (assembled by Triumph Electronics for Vox)

5. Serial numbers in the 2000s (assembled by Burndept Electronics for Vox)

6. Serial numbers in the 3000s

7. Serial numbers in the 4000s

The AC50 with add on reverb

8. Serial numbers in the 5000s

9. Serial numbers in the 6000s

10. Serial numbers in the 7000s

11. Serial numbers in the 8000s

12. Late AC50s issued by Triumph Electronics in late 1967

13. Vox Sound Equipment Ltd AC50s - 1967-1968

13. Vox Sound Ltd AC50s - 1970-1976

Vox Public Address (PA) 50 watters


Foundation Bass cabinets

Bass speakers

2 x 12" and midax horn

Trolleys for super twin cabs


The Burndept works at Erith - contractors for Vox

Triumph Electronics, Purley - contractors for Vox

The Triumph PAV50




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