AC50 serial number 1749

Last third of 1964

Complete with its original cover, XLR cable, and Foundation Bass cab and trolley. The set is registered with other early large box Triumph-made AC50s on this page.

Date codes: Hunts preamp valve cathode bypass capacitors: "HAT" = 29th week of 1964. Mustard capacitors in the preamp: *B64" = second quarter of 1964. 1 meg potentiometer: "HL" = August 1964. Welwyn resistor at the output terminal block: "VG" = July 1964.

At least one original yellow-print Mullard ECC83s survives in the preamp.

On this page, below, a selection of general views.

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Original heavy green vinyl cover.

"AC50" and serial number hand-stamped.