THE EARLIEST AC50 LARGE-BOX CABS (2 x 12" and Midax horn)

Celestion T1088s sprayed Vox silver. Rectangular Cannon XLR connector.

Large-box AC50 Super Twin cabs are listed as model LBA 54 in all JMI pricelists from September 1964 through to late 1966. By April 1967 the designation "LBA 54" had been dropped.

September 1964

Early large-box cabs and trolleys

(July - October 1964)

The Beatles on stage, Stockholm, July 28th 1964 - large box AC50 cabs and AC80/100 amplifiers. The trolleys have a single upright springing from the handwheel, and a "basket" on top for the amp to sit in. More on .

A Granada TV bands competition, "Ready Steady Win", September 1964. Trolleys and cabs as above, but the amps are the new large box AC50s.

Gene Vincent and the Londoners, November 1964. The trolley now has double uprights above the pivot wheel, but still the basket on top for the amp.

English brochures from the last third of 1964 left and centre; right, an American brochure from early 1965. Note that the dimensions of the cabs given are large-box - 33" wide. Small-box cabs, however, are illustrated - count the number of diamonds. The illustrations were evidently somewhat out of date when published.

Early surviving cabs - last third of 1964 to early 1965

Celestion T1088 speakers.

Note the rectangular Cannon XLR connectors. Also note that Vox were scrupulous in making sure that the logo on the speaker magnet was horizontal. Beware non-horizontal speaker logos - the speaker or speakers are likely to been taken from another cab.

Serial no. 1607

Further pics of the amp. Rectangular Cannon XLR on back panel and VOX labels in correct orientation.

Serial no. 1796

Original drivers replaced with late 60s Goodmans. Further pics of the amp . Rectangular Cannon XLR socket.

Serial no. 2559

Are the speakers original to this cab? Note how the label of the speaker on the right is wrongly positioned in relation to the terminals. It could be that both drivers were taken out for reconing and put back in the wrong way round. But the question still remains. The back panel has an round Amphenol XLR socket. Further pics of the amp .

Later large-box cabs (1965 -)

At some point in the second third of 1965, Vox moved over to circular ("doughnut") Amphenol XLR connectors. Fane speakers - model no. 122/17, 15ohms - also become the norm.

In catalogues from 1965 (above a detail from one issued in late '65), the cabinet on its own was known as an "LBA54".

Stray cab

Fanes in their correct orientation, terminals facing towards the centre of the cab. The wiring is original.


Fane 122/17 drivers, 15ohms, 25W power handling each. The wiring in the cab has been redone. Note that the serial number of one of the drivers is close to the Fanes in AC50 no. 5173, at the foot of this page.

Serial no. 2698

Original Fane speakers in place. Further pics of the amp .

Serial no. 3087

Further pics of the amp .

Serial number 4282 - currently in the USA

Note that one of the Fanes has been turned (or has a non-aligned label). The impedance of the drivers is indicated as being 15ohms.

Serial number 5173 - currently in Germany

From the first third of '66. The original speakers have been removed from the cab. Note the impedance again is 15ohms.