Part of a range of amps made after Triumph's contract with Vox/JMI ended in late 1967. Once released from its contractual obligations to produce AC50s, AC100s and Vox's own line of PA amps, Triumph struck out with its own designs, solid state at first, then valve, reworking the latter for other companies - Vamp, Jennings Electronic Industries, and Leo. They were also sold under the name "Johnson", Geoff Johnson being the founder-owner of Triumph.

Triumph valve amps came onto the market c. 1970.

For adverts placed by the company in "Beat Instrumental" magazine up to the end of 1968, .

The power section of the amp below was designed by Dave Roffey. The 100W version can be seen in the JEI V100 pictured on this page.

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