Goodmans 18" Audiom Bass Speakers

The Goodmans Audiom 90 (1959-63) - 50W power handling

A 15ohm version, c. 1962/1963. A label is preserved in the scrapbook kept by the firm that did the printing for Goodmans - .

The Audiom 90 was the first British-made 18" bass driver. Its envisaged purpose initially was as an organ speaker, though it seems to have done service early on in cinemas too. There were several iterations (as usual with Goodmans) and 6ohm, 8ohm and 15ohm versions. All are rare these days, and when they do come onto the market, fabulously expensive.

"Beat Instrumental" magazine, August 1963 - the first promotion for the new Vox Foundation Bass cab.

For early Foundation Bass cabs - prototypes and the first batches of production units - Audiom 90s will have been the only viable option. The Celestion T1074 did not come onto the market until early 1964. Vox turned to Celestion almost immediately, however, prompted not only by its excellent sound, but its lower price.

An early example and catalogue illustrations

Above, an early example from the early 1960s - 6ohms.

Lasky's catalogue, 1959-1960. The Audiom 90: £28 0s 0d.

Click as ever for larger images. Pages from a Goodmans catalogue and pricelist from 1961. Both have been put online in their entirety on on the Vox AC50 website.