AC50 mark 1, serial number plate lacking

Single channel, copper panel, thin-edged box.

The amp, for some years in Italy, came back to England in 2018. The entry on the main page for early AC50s is here. Further photos will be added there soon.

At some point before the amp left for Italy - probably well before (ie. early on) - its output transformer was replaced with a unit made by R.F. Gilson of Wimbledon - model no. W0866. Gilson made many of the transformers marketed by Radiospares under its own name.

Pot codes "DK" and "KK" = April and November 1963. One of the mustard caps has "D3N" = last quarter of 1963.

The AC50's box was refurbished in Italy in charcoal tolex. The original cloth was replaced with new production (synthetic) material. The latter has now been replaced with old production brown and the piping (lacking at the moment) reinstated.

In common with other early two-input amps, the chassis has large cut-outs for the cage-nut fixings, and on the back panel a jack plug socket instead of an XLR.

Visible Hunts capacitor date codes: - "YSI" = 5th week of 1963. The code of the main filter cap. is covered by the clamp.

The GZ34 rectifier was replaced in or after 1966 - it has the date code "B6E3" = Blackburn Factory, 3rd week of May, 1966.

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Below, details of the baffle